Logic operations, branching
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Logic operations, branching

  1. Declare three Boolean variables: a, b and c. Assign the logic values true, true and false, respectively. Display a AND b, a OR b, a AND c, a OR (b AND c), (a OR b) AND c, c XOR b, a XOR b. Use the format "a XOR c = TRUE". Check your results with truth tables.
  2. Let the Boolean variable a be TRUE. Ask the user to type in a 0 or 1 and let the Boolean variable b have values FALSE or TRUE based on the input. Display a AND b, a OR b, a XOR b in the format used in exercise 1.
  3. Ask for a number from the user. Write whether the number is divisible by 2, 3 and 4 (you may make use of the property of divisions that they may have different results when using integers or doubles, but other methods are allowed as well).